Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Practically my back yard, when I get the urge to go for a little walk, if I drive, I am passing through the entry gate in about three minutes. Seriously! Plus I have free entrance with my America the Beautiful pass. 01 Yaquina Head Interpretive Center

This was one of those beautiful coastal afternoons, so the idea of hiking to the top of Comunications Hill sounded the perfect way to get a little exercise and lots of fresh marine air. I parked at the visitor center and from there followed the Quarry Cove Trail to the Communications Hill Trail. The Communications Hill Trail is really just a road that’s blocked off to traffic.


Once up the hill and around the bend, the trail runs along the edge of a shore pine and Sitka spruce forest.


On the other side of the road, there are wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean.


Once on top of Communications Hill, it’s name becomes quite obvious.


From the viewpoint on top of Communications Hill, you can see Agate Beach and on to the little town of Newport.


Once finished enjoying the view, it was time to turn around and follow the trail back down the hill.


I started to follow the Quarry Cove Trail down to the tide pools in the old rock quarry on the beach, but that portion of the trail was closed due to landslides.

So I continued on to visit the lighthouse before heading back.


It was another beautiful day along the Oregon Coast!


Farmers Market

A new location only a couple of blocks from my home and a sunny morning sky was a welcome invitation for me to visit our first outdoor farmers market of the season.


I pass the fields and most inviting buildings at the Gathering Together Farm many times when I take the back roads on my way to Eugene and was pleased to see such a large presence at my local farmers market. Beets and baby carrots were my first choices from their stand and I confess, those carrots are the absolute best!

The Geez Smoked Cheez booth had a basket of smoked garlic that I just had to try. Cold smoked with apple wood chip, I can’t wait to add this smoked garlic with fresh linguini and shrimp this week. Adding this smoked garlic to a pot of beans later in the week sounds like a good idea too.


I was hoping there would be more plants available at the market, but unfortunately there were only a few and they were all quite tiny starts. I need some large, privacy type of potted plants for my patio, but guess I will have to wait until the master gardener plant sale that is coming up in a couple of weeks.


All in all, this is a wonderful farmers market. There is plenty of space allowed for the market and more than ample free parking. It was not very busy at all, but we are a coastal community and it is early spring – off season for the tourists, and I suspect once summer hits, there will be a buzz of visitors shopping there on Saturday mornings. I’ll certainly be relying on this market to supplement the fresh, organic produce that I raise in my own little garden.